AER Compact Mobile CPM-AKKU Acoustic Guitar Combo Amp
AER Compact Mobile CPM-AKKU Acoustic Guitar Combo Amp,AED 8,077,United Arab Emirates Price,Dubai,Abu Dhabi

AER Compact Mobile CPM-AKKU Acoustic Guitar Combo Amp

The AER Compact Mobile CPM-AKKU Acoustic Guitar Combo Amp ships to most regions with the United Arab Emirates including Dubai , Abu Dhabi , Bahrain , Kuwait , Oman , Qatar and Saudi Arabia for the total price of AED 8,077. Free shipping applies to all AER purchases. If your order is not in stock at the time of purchase you will not be charged.
AED 8,077

Product Description

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The Compact Mobile acoustic guitar amp was developed to give musicians a system for acoustic instruments which provides AER sound and quality everywhere, independent of AC power. Based on the Compact 60, and identical in sound, but with adapted technology and slightly changed dimensions, you can play without AC power for three to four hours - whether you chose to play in the old town or on a glacier. The sound is clear and omnipresent.

Get used to people turning their heads. In case of insufficient battery power, the Compact Mobile's intelligent power control gives a warning and thus saves you from lack of power during performance. It also prevents the batteries from being completely exhausted. Besides the features of the Compact 60, the Compact Mobile has got an AUX input that can be used to mix a battery-powered CD player to the sound.

The AER Compact Mobile amp has two channels that make it possible to operate a microphone and a musical instrument independently of each other. The dynamically controlled power amplifier and the broad-spectrum loudspeaker system guarantee distortion-free reproduction even at high volumes.

The Compact Mobile was developed after and was also based on the Acousticube, and it helped substantially to break out of the boutique corner. AER was able to prove to a bigger and increasingly more interested public that an all-round, small, powerful and yet simple complete amplification solution for stage, studio and home use does exist and that it works up to the highest demands and standards.

It has found many friends around the world with its size - smiled at in the beginning - being its second strongest side. Tried out during live performance it has become standard equipment of musicians who value sound, simplicity and independence.

This system, with its 8"-twin-cone speaker-system, 60 watts of power and fully developed dynamic control within the models small dimensions has not only found much appreciation but has also become the basis for a whole line of step by step, developed and refined AER acoustic systems.

Level control

You can use the High/Low switch and the Gain control to adjust the various pick-up systems and signal sources to Compact Mobile. The clip indicator shows that the input signal is too high.

Tone controls

The three and two band tone controls of your Compact Mobile amp are designed to fulfill the special requirements of acoustic instruments and the general demands of other sources.
The Color switch in Channel 1 activates a mid-cut treble-boost filter that is particularly appropriate for fingerstyle techniques.


The AER Compact Mobile has an integrated (internal) digital effect permitting you to choose between four effects by using the select push button. The select button allows you to choose between the four build-in-effects. They are indicated by the LEDs between the return and master controls.
Pos. 1 is a warm hall reverb, pos. 2 is a bright hall reverb, pos. 3 is a chorus with reverb and pos. 4 is a flanger.

The Return knob determines the intensity of the effect (as far to the left as possible means no effect). Furthermore, a supplementary effect device can be connected (external effect). For this purpose, use the sockets at the rear of Compact Mobile Send and Return (send to the input, return from the output of the external effect). The intensity will then be set by the external effect device. Using the Effect-Pan control, you can mix continuously variable effect portions into the channels.

High-quality acoustic sound in an amp you can play anywhere.

AER Compact Mobile CPM-AKKU Acoustic Guitar Combo Amp FEATURES

  •     Input socket for a 6.3 mm jack plug
  •     High/Low switch to adjust input sensitivity High impedance only instruments with a piezoelectric pickup, Low for instruments with active preamplifiers and magnetic sound pickups
  •     Clip overload indicator
  •     Gain input level control
  •     Color mid-range contour filter
  •     Bass tone control for bass
  •     Middle tone control for mid-range
  •     Treble tone control for treble
  •     Input XLR combination with a socket for a 6.3 mm jack plug and XLR male socket
  •     Line/Mic switch to adjust input sensitivity
  •     Line sources with line level, instruments with active preamplifiers and magnetic
  •     sound pickups, Mic: symmetrical microphone input with 30V phantom source
  •     Clip overload indicator
  •     Gain input level control
  •     Bass tone control for bass
  •     Treble tone control for treble
  •     Eff. Pan panorama control to distribute the effects between the channels
  •     Select push button for the selection of four effects, indicated by the LEDs between return and master (pos.1 warm hall, pos. 2 bright hall reverb, pos. 3 chorus with reverb, pos. 4 flanger)
  •     Return level control for the internal effect
  •     Power indicator lamp
  •     Master level control for the overall volume
  •     AUX input for CD player, etc.
  •     Rear (from left to right):
  •     Phones headphone output
  •     Tuner output for a tuner after the master control
  •     Line out preamplifier output after the master control
  •     DI-out XLR output before the master control
  •     Send output for an external effect device
  •     Return input for an external effect device or another signal source, for example CD player
  •     F/S connection for a double foot switch with which the effects can be switched on and off (See 4. Summary of Operations).
  •     Power combined mains switch with a mains socket and a fuse holder (1 A slowblow)

Pack it up, pack it in, put it in the cart and get ready to roll.

AER Compact Mobile CPM-AKKU Acoustic Guitar Combo Amp SPECIFICATIONS

  •     Inputs Ch1: Line: unbalanced., 2.2 MEG
  •     High/Low -10 dbV
  •     Ch2: Line: unbalanced., 1MEG _ Mic: balanced., 600 Ohm
  •     Eff. Return: -10dBV/10k
  •     Outputs: Tuner: -10dBV
  •     Line: 0dBV
  •     DI: -20dBV
  •     Send: -10dbV
  •     AUX CD input
  •     Foot switch Tip: built in effect
  •     Ring: external effect
  •     Sleeve: ground
  •     EQ:
  •     Ch1: Bass: +- 8 dB/ 100 Hz
  •     Middle: +- 3 dB/ 550 Hz
  •     Treble: +- 11 dB/ 10 kHz
  •     Ch2: Bass: +- 8 dB/ 100 Hz
  •     Treble: +- 11 dB/ 10 kHz
  •     Analog Signal
  •     Processor: Limiter, Subsonic Filter and Enhancer
  •     Effect: Four build-in effects, hall, bright hall, reverb/chorus, flanger
  •     Power Amp: Power consumption: 220-240 V / 50-60Hz / 70 VA (110V / 50-60Hz)
  •     Rating: 60 Watt / 4 ohm RMS
  •     Mains Fuse: 1A slow
  •     Speaker: 8" twin-cone speaker-system (96 dB 1w/1m, freq. range 60Hz-18kHz )
  •     Cabinet: 0.59" 3(15 mm) birch plywood
  •     Dimension: 10.24" 3(260 mm) high, 13.00"
  •     3(330 mm) wide, 19.06" 3(230 mm) deep
  •     Finish: water based acrylic, black spatter finish
  •     Weight: 18.74 (8.5 kg)
  •     0dB/V ~ 1V
  •     specifications and appearance subject to change without notice


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