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Korg Pa3X Arranger Workstation 61-Key Keyboard Price

Korg Pa3X Arranger Workstation 61-Key Keyboard

The Korg Pa3X Arranger Workstation 61-Key Keyboard includes free shipping at the best price of AED 14,945. Serviced regions include Dubai , Abu Dhabi , Qatar , Bahrain , Oman and Saudi Arabia.
AED 14,945
Product Description
The "Pa" in Korg's Pa3X keyboard stands for "professional arranger" -- which begs the question, what exactly is an arranger keyboard, anyway? An arranger keyboard, more so than a workstation keyboard, is designed to "listen" to the chords and melody you play and generate a realistic-sounding accompaniment track in real time, changing chords and keys along with you according to the "style" of music that you specify. Arranger keyboards also have microphone inputs with vocal processors that generate harmony for your voice depending on the chords you're playing. So if you write music, arranger keyboards are designed to do one thing and do it well: produce full-band arrangements of your music, fast. Magic? Almost. Take a look under the Pa3X's all-aluminum casing to find out what makes Korg's flagship arranger synth so powerful.

Perform in 400 Styles So you've been asked to compose a Brazilian jazz ballad with acoustic guitar and traditional percussion -- in one day -- with just a keyboard. That's where a little Pa3X "magic" can come in handy. Korg's 400 styles combine backing instruments (drums, bass, rhythm guitars, string sections, etc.) with rhythms that fit specific musical genres -- rock, jazz, Latin, country, techno, and so on. Each style is fully stocked with Style Elements, the building blocks of songs -- 4 variations, 3 intros, 3 endings, and 4 fill/break patterns. Korg's Auto Fill function can add a fill to create a natural transition when you hit Variation. And the Chord Sequencer feature allows you to play a quick chord progression, and then press a button to immediately repeat it on a loop that you can solo over. By acting as your personal backing band, the Pa3X opens you up to creativity.

Over 1,100 Fully-Editable Sounds You may be a keyboardist first and foremost -- but with the Pa3X's 1,100+ sounds at your disposal, you're a multi-instrumentalist. Korg's RX (Real eXperience) and DNC (Defined Nuance Control) technologies let you use the ribbon strip, joystick, and assignable switches to bring out expression in an instrument like a jazz trombone or guitar. When playing the Real Violin DNC patch, hit a note and move the joystick to get a trill or bowed string. The Soprano Voice DNC glides from pitch to pitch as you press the keys. And of course, you get your keyboardist staples like stereo grand pianos, organs with digital drawbars, and electric pianos -- along with vintage keyboard effects -- from the distinguished Korg SV-1. The internal sampler supports files in Korg, Akai, WAV, and AIFF format so you also can add and edit your own sounds.

TC-Helicon Voice Processor If you've spent much time in recording studios, you know how time-consuming a vocal session can be. But the Pa3X is designed to deliver fantastic tracks fast, thanks to on-board voice processing based on TC-Helicon's powerful VoiceLive 2 pedalboard. As soon as you plug in a microphone to the Pa3X's XLR input and start to sing, the on-board TC-Helicon "virtual engineer" starts to analyze your voice with Adaptive Mic Setting -- adjusting the vocal channel's EQ, compressor/gate, and de-esser so it's perfect for you. Plus, the Pa3X's pitch-correction has everything from subtle tuning to what Korg calls "Hard Tune" for that signature vocal pitch-correction effect. Add up to four realistic harmony voices and two doubled harmonies, plus dedicated reverb, chorus and more.

Improved XDS Dual Player Only Korg has the patented XDS Player, which can crossfade between MP3 and MIDI files, changing tempo, transposing pitch, or canceling the center with Vocal Remover while preserving the stereo image of the backing tracks. Audio Chord Detection analyzes MP3 playback in real time and generates harmony parts to your live vocal. The XDS player even supports the "+G" format for MP3 or MIDI, displaying lyrics and graphics on the on-board TFT display or an external monitor. If making mash-ups inspires you, play two MP3 or MIDI files simultaneously and transpose or time-shift them to match.

A Full-Featured Composition and Arrangement Tool There's much more to explore on the Korg Pa3X, including a fully-featured on-board 16-track sequencer, WAVES MaxxAudio mastering effects, and even the optional PaAS Amp/Speaker Bar that mounts onto the back of the Pa3X with no cables to connect. With so many features, you might wonder why Korg calls this versatile instrument an "arranger keyboard" and not a workstation synth. The truth is, while workstations may be a more popular category, the Pa3X deserves to be in a class by itself as a composition and arrangement tool. The Pa3X can actually increase your versatility as an artist, as you peruse the 400+ on-board styles and familiarize yourself with genres and sub-genres of music that you don't normally produce in. As a composer, if you're frequently asked to be all things to all people, the Korg Pa3X can help make that happen.

Korg Pa3X Arranger Workstation Keyboard Features - Choose the 61-key synth-action, or 76-key semi-weighted keyboard model
- TouchView TFT display; 76-key model includes motorized tilting display
- All-aluminum case for a stunning look and professional feel
- Joystick, ribbon strip and three assignable switches add expression to Defined Nuance Control sounds
- Improved RX (Real eXperience) sound engine with pianos (plus vintage effects) from the Korg SV-1
- 400+ Styles with 4 variations, 3 intros, 3 endings, and 4 fill/break patterns each
- Chord Sequencer quickly loops your chord progressions
- 16-track sequencer provides fully-functional, sophisticated sequencing
- 15 user banks to store your own customized or user-created Styles
- TC-Helicon VoiceLive 2 processor enhances vocals with dedicated effects and harmony voices
- Adaptive Mic Setting automatically adjusts EQ, compression/gating, and de-esser to your voice
- XDS Player handles MP3 and MIDI files with pitch/speed control, Vocal Remover, and Audio Chord Detection for on-the-fly harmony generation
- Expanded routing for 8 simultaneous effects -- choose from 140 effects types, plus Vocoder
- Mastering processors from WAVES MaxxAudio Suite
- Fully-functional sampler
- Optional Korg PaAS speaker/amp unit: no cables or power supply necessary
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