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Peavey Tour 700 Bass Head Price

Peavey Tour 700 Bass Head

The Peavey Tour 700 Bass Head includes free shipping at the best price of AED 2,380. Serviced regions include Dubai , Abu Dhabi , Qatar , Bahrain , Oman and Saudi Arabia.
AED 2,380
Product Description

Loaded with DDT and SmartRail technology, the Peavy Tour 700 bass amplifier head delivers the hard-hitting sound you demand plus the reliable performance you've always wanted. Forget about lugging around extra bulk or waiting hours for your amp to cool down so your upholstery in your trunk doesn't smolder, this awesome Class A/B amp stays cool and weighs a mere 23.5 pounds. But don't let the Tour 700's lightweight chassis fool you, inside you'll find nothing but driving, thumping, room-shaking bass bolstered by epic tone-shaping options and a fantastic sub-octave generator. Sound like your kind of bass head? Get your Peavy Tour 700 from Australia today!

Peavey Tour 700 Bass Amplifier Head at a Glance
  • Tons of tone-shaping options onboard let you sculpt your tone to perfection
  • Kick up the bass with Peavey's powerful Kosmos B Subharmonic Generator
  • Massive Class A/B power meets in a lightweight and ultra-portable package
Tons of tone-shaping options onboard let you sculpt your tone to perfection

True to form, Peavey managed to pack a ton of tone-shaping goodies into their Tour 700 bass amplifier head. First off, there's an incredibly musical 9-band graphic EQ onboard, which allows you to quickly dial in the sound you want and notch out any problem frequencies in your venue. For broader strokes, a set of active high- and low-frequency shelving EQ control provide you with the simplicity of dialing in the tone controls on your car stereo, yet deliver fantastic results once you start tweaking them, especially when you add in the mid-range contour control. When you engage the Tour 700's bright switch, you instantly get the extra definition you need for more percussive techniques such as double thumb and basic slap and pop, but if you just want to kill some of the bass, there's a simple highpass filter you can engage as well.

Kick up the bass with Peavey's powerful Kosmos B Subharmonic Generator

Ever wonder how they get that bowel-shaking, foundation-imperiling sub-bass tone on aggressive rock and metal records? Sometimes, a little bit of subharmonic excitement is all it takes to make the earth move, and the Peavey Tour 700 bass amplifier head makes it all possible live. By bolstering your low end with harmonic frequencies tracking a full octave beneath the part you're playing, the Tour 700 easily fills in the gaps and adds chest-pounding impact to every note.

Massive Class A/B power meets in a lightweight and ultra-portable package

It's hard to hear the staggering umph and truly impressive output that the Tour 700 bass head has to offer, without imagining that it weighs more than a palette of cinderblocks. And yet, as far as pro-quality bass amplifiers go, the Tour 700 is way over on the light side. That's because this unique bass amp borrows heavily from many of Peavey's most popular PA technologies, including their DDT and SmartRail technologies. These technologies intelligently rout power in such a way that you can freely push your amp, and rather than risk damaging it, end up with results that sound bigger and louder than you'd ever imagine.

Peavey Tour 700 Bass Amplifier Head Features
  • Powerful bass amp head in a lightweight and portable package
  • High- and low-gain inputs accommodate both active and passive pickups
  • Bright and low cut switches provide broad-strokes tone shaping
  • Active high- and low-frequency shelving EQs deliver dramatic results with minimal knob tweaking
  • Midrange contour control lets you further define the body of your sound
  • 9-band graphic equalizer allows you to tailor your sound to any room
  • Post-EQ effects loop allows you to insert your effects and processors directly into your signal chain
  • Kosmos B Subharmonic Generator beefs up your sound with sub-octave saturation
  • Buffered tuner send jack lets you tune silently with ease
  • XLR direct output with fail-safe phantom power backup capability makes it easy to run straight to the board
  • Rear-mounted auxiliary input jack lets you add backing tracks to your mix for private practice

Kick up the bass without throwing out you back with a lightweight yet massive-sounding Tour 700 bass amp head from Peavey!

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