Pittsburgh Modular Patch Box FX1
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Pittsburgh Modular Patch Box FX1

Pittsburgh Modular
The Pittsburgh Modular Patch Box FX1 includes free shipping at the best price of AED 4,925. Serviced regions include Dubai , Abu Dhabi , Qatar , Bahrain , Oman and Saudi Arabia.
AED 4,925
Product Description

Guitarists and keyboard players, meet your new all-analog, modular multi-effects system: the Pittsburgh Modular Patch Box FX1. It packs four awesome effects modules in a stompbox: the Analog Replicator delay, an all-analog Filter, the Crush analog signal decimator, and the LFO2 to modulate effects parameters. You can use patch cables to route your signal through these modules any way you like and even switch signal paths with an optional footswitch. Create delays modulated with a slowly sweeping bandpass filter, add an expression pedal for wah effects, or even swap out the effects for other Eurorack modules with the Pittsburgh Modular Patch Box FX1.

Pittsburgh Modular Patch Box FX1 Eurorack Modular Multi-effects Pedal System

  •     Eurorack modules aren't just for synthesizers anymore
  •     Route effects with patch cables, switch signal routing with footswitches
  •     Built-in signal splitter for layered effects

Eurorack modules aren't just for synthesizers anymore

When we investigated the Pittsburgh Modular Patch Box FX1 here at AudioBuy.com.au Australia, we quickly realized it has appeal for guitarists, keyboardists, and synth players alike. Guitarists and keyboardists can tap into a whole world of analog effects modules, with complete control over every aspect of the signal path. The Patch Box FX1 even packs a great-sounding instrument preamp, which can be driven to distortion without overloading the effects modules. Synth players can use the Patch Box FX1 just like any other Eurorack case, with the added benefit of footswitch functionality and more I/O options. And because all the routing is done with cables and CV signals, it's easy to integrate the Patch Box FX1 with a separate modular system - your band's synth player could be modulating your effects while you play a solo, for instance. We could write thousands of words and still not cover all the creative potential the Patch Box FX1 offers in stage and studio applications.

Route effects with patch cables, switch signal routing with footswitches

Creating your own multi-effects with the Pittsburgh Modular Patch Box FX1 can be as simple or as complex as you want. In a very basic configuration, you're simply determining the order of these great-sounding effects, connecting the output of one module to the input of the next module. Want some modulation on your delays, for example? Grab another cable, and connect one of the LFO2 module's outputs to one of the CV inputs on the Analog Replicator module. You can even set up different signal routes for Switch 1 and Switch 2, completely reconfiguring your effects routing with a tap of your foot.

Built-in signal splitter for layered effects

Right after the Patch Box FX1's preamp stage, a signal splitter gives you two outputs to route your signal from. You can use these to create two independent signal paths and switch between. You can also use them to create two separate effects chains and combine them at the output stage for more creative options. For example, you can run your guitar signal into the Analog Replicator delay module and the Filter module simultaneously, and then run just the filtered signal through the Crush module. The delay module will affect your full-range guitar tone, while the Crush module will only decimate your filtered frequencies. You could spend months just exploring the capabilities of the modules that come with the Patch Box FX1. When you consider that you can swap out the modules for any Eurorack modules of your choice, you'll see that the Patch Box FX1 provides unlimited creative potential.

Pittsburgh Modular Patch Box FX1 Eurorack Modular Multi-effects Pedal System Features

  •     Modular multi-effects pedalboard with delay, filter, decimation and LFO modules
  •     Use patch cables to route signals and effects modulation any way you like
  •     Create a serial effects chain, or create two independent effects chains and switch between them
  •     High-quality instrument preamp can be driven to distortion without overloading modules
  •     Includes Analog Replicator delay module, Filter module, Crush module, and LFO2 module
  •     Comes with 12 Nazca-brand patch cables
  •     Inputs for instrument and 2 optional expression pedals
  •     "Multiple" signal splitter allows you to create 2 copies of any signal
  •     Switch 1 and Switch 2 can be used to switch signal paths or as on/off switches
  •     True-bypass switch enables/disables entire Patch Box
  •     Compatible with any Eurorack-format modules
  •     Rugged steel case construction
  •     9 sliding square nuts per rail support up to 9 modules
  •     Available width for modules: 213mm (42hp)
  •     Available depth for modules: 42mm

Create your own custom analog multi-effects chain with the Pittsburgh Modular Patch Box FX1!

Pittsburgh Modular Patch Box FX1 Tech Specs

  • Sound Engine Type(s)     Analog
  • Effects Types     Delay, Filter, Crush, LFO
  • Analog Inputs     1 x 1/4" instrument, 2 x 1/4" expression
  • Analog Outputs     1 x 1/4"
  • Height     2.25"
  • Width     9.5"
  • Depth     9"
  • Power Supply     15V DC power supply included
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