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Schatten Designs BJ-02 M Banjo Pickup with Condenser Mic Cable and Jack Price

Schatten Designs BJ-02 M Banjo Pickup with Condenser Mic Cable and Jack

Schatten Designs Pickups
The Schatten Designs BJ-02 M Banjo Pickup with Condenser Mic Cable and Jack includes free shipping at the best price of AED 951. Serviced regions include Dubai , Abu Dhabi , Qatar , Bahrain , Oman and Saudi Arabia.
AED 951
Product Description

Introducing our newest model of banjo pickup the BJ-02M. By combining an interior mounted powered condenser mic with our proven BJ-02, we have produced a banjo system that provides a fullness of sound that was not possible before. The new BJ-02M adds an internally mounted powered condenser microphone and a 2 channel Mini Pre 2 outboard belt clipable  preamp to our outstanding BJ-02 to provide unparalleled sound quality.

Revolutionary - When we introduced the BJ-02 series of pickups about 12 years ago we said that it was ...."A banjo pickup that allows your banjo to sound like your banjo, only louder".... The addition of the M powered condenser microphone in the BJ-02M opens up the sound and allows for more natural tonality. So we could say that the BJ-02M allows your banjo to sound like your banjo, only more so.The new BJ-02M system offers good feedback rejection along with simple, non-invasive installation.

 Existing BJ-02 Owners - We haven't forgotten you. M Kits are available to upgrade your existing Schatten banjo pickup. The information on the M Kits is available under the 'Technical' tab on this page.

Other brands of banjo pickups - Testing has determined that the BJ-02 M-Kit upgrade will work properly with all other brands of banjo pickups including magnetic pickups. Please check under the 'Technical' tab on this page for further details.

 The system provides everything you need: PBJA Banjo jack assembly, BJ-02 sensor, M powered condenser microphone with micro plug lead, Mini Pre 2 two channel belt clipable outboard powering preamp, 2 foot long 1/4" stereo connector cable (not shown), mounting materials, instructions.


  • The BJ-02 pickup sensor is installed on the underside of the banjo head and is normally placed directly under and inline with the center foot of the bridge. The pickup is totally non-damping acoustically as it weighs less than 2 grams. It does not interfere in any way with the natural acoustic tone or output of the banjo.
  •      The M powered condenser mic attaches to the interior surface of the rim of the banjo with our special mounting putty or with one of the supplied 3M VHB adhesive pads.
  •      The Mini Pre 2 is a two channel outboard belt clipable preamp. Channel One is used to preamp the BJ-02 piezo sensor. Channel Two provides both the power for the condenser mic and preamps the mic signal as well. Input into the Mini Pre 2 is via a stereo 1/4" jack. Output from the Mini Pre 2 is via a mono 1/4" jack.
  •      The PBJA jack assembly for the BJ-02M clamps simply and easily to the tensioning hooks of the banjo in the same manner as a banjo's arm rest. The output from the jack is stereo (2 separate signals) and an 18" long stereo 1/4" cable is provided to take the signals from the output jack to the Mini Pre 2.
  •      The BJ-02M system is designed to work on any banjo. Five string, tenor, six string, open backs; all sound excellent with this system. Installation takes about fiften minutes and everything that you need to complete the installation is included with the system.
  •      This particular placement of the sensor allows the pickup to "hear" just what the banjo is doing. The center foot of the bridge is driving the element directly for maximum output and clarity and it is due to this same placement of the element that also gives the BJ-02's their superior anti-feedback characteristics. It is very difficult for feedback to drive the pickup in reverse due to the overall stiffness of the bridge area.
  •      On a 'normal' banjo with a three footed bridge, the pickup is to be installed on the underside of the head directly under the centre foot of the bridge. On tenor banjos or banjos having a two footed bridge, the suggested placement for the pickup is on the underside of the head directly under the bass side bridge foot.
  •       The BJ-02M, with its simple metal jack assembly will fit all standard banjos, as well as the Deering Goodtime banjos. Please read the information in the 'Technical' tab on this page about tensioning hook spacing and Deering Goodtime banjos.

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