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The Serato DJ + Video includes free shipping at the best price of AED 804. Serviced regions include Dubai , Abu Dhabi , Qatar , Bahrain , Oman and Saudi Arabia.
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Product Description

Digital DJing hasn't been the same since Serato DJ hit the market, and Serato Video has likewise reinvented the way we add VJ-style graphics to our shows. With this Serato DJ + Video bundle, you get the DJ software everyone's talking about, plus the ability to add killer video and visual effects to your show. A few of the things that have drawn many of the DJs here at Australia to Serato DJ include its customizable layout and comprehensive toolset. In other words, you can tweak the layout to fit your style, and there's no shortage of tricks you can pull off with Serato DJ. We're even more excited about adding Serato Video to our rigs. With its responsive video and audio-triggered effects, Serato Video makes upgrading your show almost effortless.

Serato DJ Digital DJ + Video Software at a Glance
  • Organize your music with virtual crates and useful metadata
  • See your music in motion in the refreshingly clean interface
  • Master time with cues, loops, sync, and quantize functions
  • Get creative with the onboard sampler and iZotope effects
  • Add extremely cool visuals with Serato Video
  • Expand your domain with powerful iOS control apps
Organize your music with virtual crates and useful metadata

When it comes to managing your music, you couldn't ask for a better copilot than Serato DJ. Organize your music into crates for different gigs, complete with album art. You'll get full access to your iTunes library and files right off the bat too. You can even set up keywords, such as genre or BPM, to sort your music into smart crates that auto update, or toss new files into the Prepare Crate for further review. Serato DJ can even call up a history of what you played in recent gigs, which is a real bonus if you need to turn in lists for royalty tracking.

See your music in motion in the refreshingly clean interface

One of the coolest things about digital DJing is the ability to see your music in motion, but Serato DJ takes that concept to a whole new level. Each of Serato DJ's four Virtual Decks provide you with all the key track information you need, complete with BPM, track progress, pitch info, and more, and large jog dials spin, providing you with reference points for scratching and beat juggling. You also get large and colorful waveform displays that range from red for bass to blue of treble sounds, and since they line up next to one another, you can follow the transients to ensure that your tracks are truly locked to the beat.

Master time with cues, loops, sync, and quantize functions

DJing is all about time and timing, and Serato DJ puts the essential time-control functions you need right at your fingertips. If you use a lot of cue points, then you'll love the way Serato DJ lets you display all eight cue points, complete with unique names, at once. The same goes for loops and auto loops. If manual beat matching isn't your thing, Serato DJ's Sync function will free up your time and save you the stress of fiddling with the pitch slider. Quantize mode is also a magical thing if your timing is less than perfect, automatically triggering cue points and loops in time to the beat. And you can spare yourself the embarrassment of a bad dismount, by kicking in Slip mode, which lets you scratch or juggle cue points to your heart's desire and jump a head to where your track would be when you're done.

Get creative with the onboard sampler and iZotope effects

Want to shake things up? Serato DJ's onboard SP-6 sample player and integrated iZotope effects offer more creative flexibility than a table covered with expensive DJ hardware. The SP-6 hooks you up with four banks of six samples each. In Advanced mode, you can tweak every little detail about how your samples play back, and in the Simplified mode, all the extraneous you don't need to perform tuck neatly out of sight. The effects section comes loaded with all the staples, including delays, reverb, flanger, distortion, filters, and more. You can pick up additional effects packages too, and since they're all made by iZotope you know they're going to sound good.

Add extremely cool visuals with Serato Video

Serato DJ + Video expands the already awesome power of Serato DJ with cool, interactive video capabilities. Whether you're an experienced VJ or you're looking for an easy way to add exciting visuals to your DJ set, Serato Video is perfect for the job. For starters, Serato Video comes with a ton of cool effects and transitions that you can trigger and manipulate from your Serato compatible hardware. What really impressed us here at Australia were the combination of audio-responsive video and audio-linked FX, which let you set up extremely cool video shows that you barely have to think about - just DJ as you normally would, and your visual candy morphs and responds to the music. And you've got to hand it to the guys at Beeple and I Love QC for creating some extremely cool free content for Serato DJ. Top it off with Syphon support, and you can easily share your video with other apps on your Mac for easy projection mapping.

Expand your domain with powerful iOS control apps

Between its plug-and-play compatibility with a wide range of popular DJ hardware, and it's near-universal MIDI compatibility, Serato DJ really lets you get the most out of your gear. One additional way Serato DJ lets you take advantage of the equipment you already have is its iOS integration. When you load up the Serato Remote app on your iPad or Serato Remote mini app on your iPhone or iPod touch, you'll be able to take control of nearly any Serato DJ functions without reaching for your mouse or your DJ controller. These apps are the perfect solution for elaborate DJ rigs, and you'll find countless ways to put them to work.

Serato DJ Digital DJ + Video Software Features
  • One of the world's most popular digital DJ applications for use with a wide range of compatible hardware
  • Easy-to-use and extremely flexible user interface lets you keep your display clutter free while accessing all the tools you need
  • Powerful song organization and management options let you built virtual crates, log history, and automatically sort your tunes
  • Cues, loops, sync, and quantize functions all make getting the perfect timing in your performances easy
  • Slip mode lets you preform crazy turntable tricks and cue point juggling, without losing the beat
  • SP-6 sample player provides you with 24 sample slots you can use to spice up your mix
  • Get even more creative with a full set of iZotope effects
  • Serato Remote and Serato Remote mini iOS apps provide powerful remote control capabilities
  • Requires compatible hardware from Rane, Pioneer, Numark, Novation, Vestax, and others
  • Serato Video makes adding graphics and visual effects to your show seamless
  • Trigger, mix, and manipulate video content right from your Serato compatible hardware
  • Supports .MOV .M4V .MP4 .M4A .AVI .FLV .MPG .MPEG .DV .QTZ file formats
  • Includes a full library of video transitions and visual effects
  • Audio/Video linked effects respond to the music, allowing you to create stunning sync'ed performances
  • Record your set with integrated video recording
  • Syphon support (Mac only) lets you send video output to other applications for easy projection mapping
  • Add your own images and text to your video mix to personalize your show
  • Store effects within each video file for instant recall
  • Serato video library of video content to from I Love QC (Mac only) and Beeple gets you started
  • Supports advanced configurations for external connections to monitors, screens, and projectors

DJ like a pro with the power of Serato DJ + Video!

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