SPL 2Control
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SPL 2Control

The SPL 2Control ships to most regions with the United Arab Emirates including Dubai , Abu Dhabi , Bahrain , Kuwait , Oman , Qatar and Saudi Arabia for the total price of AED 3,147. Free shipping applies to all SPL purchases. If your order is not in stock at the time of purchase you will not be charged.
AED 3,147

Product Description

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Compact and user-friendly, the SPL 2Control gives you complete control of your DAW's monitoring functions. Whether you're listening through studio monitors or through headphones, the 2Control's high-quality speaker volume potentiometer and active circuitry ensure that you hear every nuance of your mix. Headphone monitoring through the 2Control is incredibly accurate thanks to its Crossfeed control, which lets you adjust your stereo panorama so that it corresponds to a stereo speaker image, rather than to the 180-degree panorama that headphones typically provide. You also get plenty of I/O, allowing you to connect both balanced and unbalanced gear, as well as a separate mono speaker or subwoofer. Packed in a convenient desktop form factor, the SPL 2Control monitor controller is sure to become popular here at AudioBuy.com.au Australia!
SPL 2Control Monitor Controller at a Glance
  •     High-quality active circuitry delivers impeccable sound quality
  •     Crossfeed control provides incredibly accurate headphone monitoring
  •     High-grade balancing stages let you connect just about anything
High-quality active circuitry delivers impeccable sound quality

Many of the D/A converters in audio interfaces don't provide analog level monitoring control, which necessitates varying your signal level at your converter outputs. This leads to a lowered bit depth in the monitoring signal, which can sometimes lead to a perceptible loss in audio quality. The SPL 2Control monitor controller utilizes a high-quality speaker volume potentiometer and active circuitry, resulting in pristine sound. In contrast to passive circuits, the 2Control's active design does not influence impedances when levels change, which can affect your frequency response. The 2Control's active design guarantees linearity.
Crossfeed control provides incredibly accurate headphone monitoring

With the SPL 2Control monitor controller's Crossfeed control you can adjust the stereo width of your headphones, imbuing them with the sound of a traditional monitoring environment, rather than the tightly focused and exaggerated stereo separation that you usually get from headphones. Imagine being able to enjoy a late night session at home without disturbing your neighbors and being able to monitor unhindered by a less-than-ideal acoustic environment. The 2Control gives you the benefits of headphone monitoring without its disadvantages. Talk about win/win!

High-grade balancing stages let you connect just about anything

The SPL 2Control monitor controller's first-class balancing stages let you easily connect unbalanced gear without a direct box. For example, you can connect CD players with RCA outputs or hi-fi power amplifiers with RCA inputs (of course, you need properly configured cables to do this). You also get balanced outputs for two stereo speaker sets, as well as a single output for a mono speaker or subwoofer. You can effortlessly integrate the 2Control into nearly any audio environment.

SPL 2Control Monitor Controller Features
  •     High-quality active circuitry delivers impeccable sound quality
  •     Control loudspeakers and headphones with the same monitor controller
  •     Dual headphone amplifiers let two people monitor simultaneously
  •     Crossfeed control provides incredibly accurate headphone monitoring
  •     High-grade balancing stages eliminate the need for a direct box
  •     Adjustable input sensitivity lets you connect professional or consumer devices
  •     Separate mono speaker output lets you connect a single mono speaker or subwoofer
  •     Source, Speaker, Mono, and Dim Switches
Improve your monitoring workflow with the SPL 2Control monitor controller!


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