Steinberg Nuendo 7 Production Software
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Steinberg Nuendo 7 Production Software

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Nuendo 7 leads innovation in every aspect of audio-to-picture work -be it in game audio, TV or film post-production. Functions include industry-unique features such as a direct connection to the Audiokinetic Wwise middleware, an in-built reconforming solution for audio-to-picture alignment, VCA fader support, advanced project collaboration tools as well as rendering options for handling large amounts of audio files. Nuendo 7 also comes with an updated user interface offering improved window handling and a customizable workspace for an even more intuitive workflow. New effect plug-ins and a vastly enhanced overall program performance round out the feature set.

Steinberg's software DAW for game audio production, TV and film post-production workflows, Nuendo 7 provides more dedicated capabilities for these industries than any other audio software, ranging from integration with game middleware over re-conforming through to automatic dialog recording (ADR).

The modern solution for audio post-production
Representing the most advanced audio post-production software environment available today, Nuendo constantly reconfigures expectations of dedicated software for audio post. TV post-production requires fast, convenient handling of recurring production elements such as specific sounds, effects or even Nuendo projects themselves. Nuendo has everything on board to facilitate this workflow, including the ability to save clusters of audio clips for returning elements in a TV series, extensive batch rendering options, MediaBay content management system as well as post-production workflow-oriented editing features. Nuendo is also the No.1 choice in audio-post for film production. By having the world's most professional surround mixing console, VCA fader technology, a film-mixing automation system, extensive routing and metering technologies onboard, alongside a dedicated video player engine, Nuendo provides outstanding mixing results in studio-grade quality.

Game Audio
Nuendo is the premier choice for game audio workflows as it seamlessly integrates with your game development environment. The industry revolution is called "Game Audio Connect" and represents a toolset within Nuendo that enables a direct connection to Audiokinetic's Wwise game audio middleware.

Transfer and rendering to Wwise
The Game Audio Connect toolset allows you to directly send audio files towards Audiokinetic Wwise. Simply drag-and-drop the audio assets into Nuendo's Game Audio Connect component for instant rendering and automatic transfer to the Wwise import dialog. Thanks to the new Render Export toolset, you can define exactly what this rendering process should include; export the untreated audio file without effects; include all channel settings on a given track; or export a track incorporating the entire signal path, including the master channel. And if you select multiple files that need to be transferred, you can decide whether those files should be rendered as separate audio events or if they should be bounced together as a resulting file. This saves hours of work fiddling around with import and export dialogs. Game Audio Connect works on single computer setups, Mac and PCs as well as on networked systems.

Automatic naming scheme
In addition, the powerful naming scheme functions of the Render Export menu allow you to determine the naming structure of the rendered audio files, ranging from the folder structure over event names and counters up to an individual. This allows you to adapt the naming scheme to the naming scheme used in Wwise.

Recall a Nuendo project directly from within Wwise
You can even recall a Nuendo project that is associated with an audio file instantly from within Wwise -browsing the hard disk manually for each single Nuendo project is a thing of the past. The audio asset incorporates the path to its Nuendo project and thus makes it easy to open the original projects for re-edits of the assets or changes regarding the sound design.

Version control by Perforce
Last but not least, Game Audio Connect also provides a seamless integration with Perforce, the premier version control system. Any change in the Nuendo 7 project is automatically monitored in the background, making manual interactions unnecessary.

Handling large amounts of audio files
Sound designers working for games often need to handle large amounts of audio files. Nuendo's Render Export function is not only useful in context with the audio asset transfer to Wwise, it also comes handy when you need to export an individual selection of audio and MIDI files directly out of Nuendo to a hard drive, either as separate events or consolidated into one file. Of course, the automatic naming scheme also works well for this purpose. Alternatively, you can even bounce a selection of (several) audio files to a new track within the same Nuendo project (render-in-place).

Premier game sound design
Game sound designers also increasingly rely on Nuendo because of its format openness, powerful editing features and a multitude of features to create stunning sound effects, such as the included granular synthesizer, Padshop, VST Amp Rack and Quadrafuzz v2.

Whether it is through high-quality pitch-shifting or time-stretching using the zPlane alogrithms, management of thousands of game audio assets with MediaBay content management system or the ability to precisely edit and trim sounds with the extensive editing toolset -Nuendo provides a stunning game audio workflow experience. Furthermore, Nuendo offers many ways of customizing the user experience through key commands, macros, plug-in manager and a workspace, further expediting your production processes.

Pro Sound Effects Library
Nuendo comes with a compact but powerful library created by the sound specialists at Pro Sound Effects, New York. The library contains of more than 1.5 GB of sound effects (24-bit/48kHz Wave files) that spans from ambiences to whooshes. The Pro Sound Effects Library is fully searchable and licensed to you 100% royalty-free.

Voice recording and language dubbing are among the most frequently performed tasks in audio post-production. External dialog recording solutions are expensive, unflexible and are not at all integrated in the DAW workflow. Nuendo boasts a complete dialog and foley recording solution making it easy to spot, record and organize voice recordings for different roles/scenes.

Setting up an ADR session easily and efficiently
With the Nuendo ADR solution, spotting and recording dialog and foley for multiple roles, scenes and actors is easy and fast. This can be done using up to 32 marker tracks for spotting the respective scenes. Each of the markers is able to hold user definable attributes, such as the character name, scene location, and the time. All scenes and roles are conveniently organized in the ADR panel, including various filtering and sorting functions.

The voice recording process is conducted directly via the ADR panel, making it easy to keep track on which scene is currently recorded. You can choose from three different recording modes: rehearse, record and review, including preand post-record option. Nuendo also offers the ability to record several takes successively in one batch by freely selecting the desired scenes in the ADR panel. Thanks to the "Free mode", you can even set the start point of recordings within a longer scene (for example, the second half of a scene) without the need to start the scene and wait for the playback to reach the desired position. All markers can be exported in CSV file format. Nuendo is also able to import EDL lists in the CMX 3600 and CSV formats. All information will show up in the ADR panel as marker tracks, including attributes.

Professional foley recordings
The ADR Taker provides a fast, flexible tool to manage foley recording sessions. The powerful ADR take-list can be used to mark foley-relevant scenes and capture the foley artist's performance accordingly. By using the Free mode, foley recordings are not restricted to the end point of each single scene, making it easy to record longer foley takes in one go. Thanks to the automated naming scheme, foley files can be retrieved and used in the project on the basis of individual naming attributes such as the character name or foley specific topics like "underground" or "material".

Video overlay, take lists and script editing
The dialog text can overlay the picture directly within Nuendo (Nuendo video window or via video cards such as Decklink, AJA), allowing the artist to fully focus on the displayed picture, without needing to concentrate on separate scripts. This offers the artist more freedom to perform and enhances the quality of your work while saving valuable production time.

The ADR system also comes with several video count-in techniques, such as swipe and countdown. The ADR Status indicator (colored light, including red light) shows the actor the status of the ADR process inside the video window.

Steinberg Nuendo 7 Production Software Features

  • Game Audio Connect: direct connection to the Audiokinetic Wwise game audio middleware, including integration with Perforce version management
  • ReConform: Fully integrated re-conforming solution for automatic audio-to-picture alignment including preview functions
  • Advanced project collaboration for an easy exchange of audio tracks including audio files and program data between several Nuendo projects
  • VCA fader support for working with large mixing projects on a second mixing layer
  • Render Export and Render-in-place allow for easy rendering of an individual selection of audio files including naming conventions to a hard drive or to the same
  • New effects and updated plug-ins including Multiband Expander, Multiband Envelope Shaper, VST Bass Amp, Quadrafuzz v2 and
  • Improved windows handling paradigm including a workspace organizer as well as a rack zone with dockable MediaBay
  • Vastly improved program performance, faster load times and a smoother program
  • Design overhaul: Redesigned track list and Inspector, enhanced channel strip EQ
  • Further features and enhancements include plug-in manager, VST Connect SE 3 and more

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