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TC-Helicon Perform-VK Mic Stand Mount Vocal Processor Price

TC-Helicon Perform-VK Mic Stand Mount Vocal Processor

TC Helicon
The TC-Helicon Perform-VK Mic Stand Mount Vocal Processor includes free shipping at the best price of AED 1,319. Serviced regions include Dubai , Abu Dhabi , Qatar , Bahrain , Oman and Saudi Arabia.
AED 1,319
Product Description
Vocal Processing for Keyboard Players

You've got the talent. You've got the vocal technique. And with the TC-Helicon Perform-VK vocal processor in your arsenal, you've got the tools you need to deliver a polished sound and performance. Designed specifically for keyboard players, the Perform-VK's powerful vocal effects engine captures midi or chordal information from your keyboard and transforms it into realistic vocal harmonies. Add depth to your performance with reverb, echo, and doubling effects. Maintain perfect intonation with auto-chromatic pitch correction. Employ adaptive EQ, compression, gating, and de-essing to put the final shine on your voice. The TC-Helicon Perform-VK places you firmly in control, interacting with your keyboard or stage piano to create a professional vocal sound.

Liven up your performance with harmony vocals

Craft realistic vocal harmonies using the Perform-VK. Even if you're not a musical theory expert, it's child's play to use audio or MIDI from your keyboard to create up to two voices of real-time harmony. Or dive in and take direct control of up to eight simultaneous voices with MIDI-note-driven harmonies. With the TC-Helicon Perform-VK vocal processor, you're your own backup singer!

Achieve vocal perfection with an array of processing tools

Take full control of your sound with the TC-Helicon Perform-VK. Add depth and dimension to your voice with reverb, or put it on repeat for captivating echo effects. Create a studio-produced sound with doubling effects. Inject your voice with instant clarity utilizing adaptive EQ, compression, gating, and de-essing to polish your voice with professional-sounding results. Eliminate speaker squeals and other distracting noises with the anti-feedback processor.

Intelligent microphone input gain ensures worry-free setup

Getting your levels right with the TC-Helicon Perform-VK is completely painless. Plug in your mic. Hold the Set button. Sing. That's it, you're done! Perform-VK is among the simplest vocal processors we've used here at AudioBuy.

Effortless recording with a built-in 4-in/8-out USB interface

When it's time to record, the TC-Helicon Perform-VK's built-in 4-in/8-out USB audio interface makes it easy. Record dry and wet versions of your voice simultaneously, along with harmony voices and your keyboard's audio. The Perform-VK takes you quickly from songwriting to production with no hassle.

Perform-VK app provides a complete library of presets

You can do a lot with the TC-Helicon Perform-VK vocal processor right out of the box, but pairing it with a free app on your smart device is where the fun really begins. Augment the Perform-VK's onboard reverb, echo, and doubling effects with an entire library of pre-made sounds. Simply "beam" these presets from your device via Bluetooth, and unlock a whole new world of possibilities.

Hit function adds dynamic intensity to your performance

Infuse your performance with emotional intensity using the TC-Helicon Perform-VK's Hit function. Add additional layers to your preset by pressing the Preset button a second time. Create striking choruses or highlight important phrases. The Hit function breathes dynamics and excitement into your performance.

Practice without a microphone using the RoomSense mic

The TC-Helicon Perform-VK vocal processor's embedded RoomSense mic doubles as a vocal input, so you can toss on a pair of your favorite headphones and practice without plugging in an external microphone.

Included Effects
  • Harmony
  • Double
  • Reverb
  • Echo
  • Pitch Correction
  • Megaphone
  • HardTune
  • µMod
  • Adaptive Tone (EQ, Compression, Gating, and De-essing)
  • Anti-feedback
TC-Helicon Perform-VK Vocal Processor Features
  • Microphone stand mount vocal processor that's tailor-made for keyboardists
  • Vocal effects engine captures your chordal information and transforms it into realistic vocal harmonies
  • Stereo keyboard input/output provides complete control with MIDI note and continuous control entry
  • Reverb, echo, and doubling effects add depth and dimension to your performance
  • Auto-chromatic pitch correction maintains perfect intonation
  • Adaptive EQ, compression, gating, and de-essing put the final shine on your voice
  • Anti-feedback processor eliminates speaker squeals and other distracting noises
  • Intelligent microphone input gain makes getting levels simple
  • Built-in 4-in/8-out USB audio interface for recording
  • Add dynamic intensity to your performance with the Hit button
  • RoomSense mic automatically controls your harmonies for practicing without a mic
  • Access a complete library of presets with the Perform-VK app
  • VoiceSupport app provides the latest firmware updates and maintains your presets
Tech Specs Processor Type Presets - Factory Analog Inputs Analog Outputs MIDI I/O Computer Connectivity Features Software Height Depth Width Weight Manufacturer Part Number
Vocal processor
Reverb, Echo, Harmony, Doubling, Pitch correction, HardTune (some via Perform-VK app)
1 x XLR (mic), 1 x 1/8" TRS (aux in), 1 x 1/4" TRS, 1 x 1/4" (pedal)
2 x 1/4" (main out), 1 x 1/8" (headphones)
1 x USB Type B
Beam new effects from phone to Perform-VK
Perform-VK smartphone app
0.93 lbs.
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