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TC Helicon VoiceLive 2 Vocal Floor Processor Price

TC Helicon VoiceLive 2 Vocal Floor Processor

TC Helicon
The TC Helicon VoiceLive 2 Vocal Floor Processor includes free shipping at the best price of AED 2,582. Serviced regions include Dubai , Abu Dhabi , Qatar , Bahrain , Oman and Saudi Arabia.
AED 2,582
Product Description
Whether you're a lead singer looking to pull off studio-quality vocal effects live, or a solo performer who wants to thicken up your sound and add live sampling to your show, the TC Helicon VoiceLive 2 is an incredibly powerful and easy-to-use vocal processor pedal. Even if you've never used a pedal before, the VoiceLive 2 can help take your performance from good to great, with effects from gentle pitch correction that uses your guitar or keyboard as a guide, to a stunning 8-part choir backing you up. Impress your bandmates -- and your audience -- with a huge vocal sound, thanks to TC Helicon's top-of-the-line VoiceLive 2.

Simple Interface -- Powerful Processing Guitarists are known for being gung-ho about stringing pedals together, but vocalists are sometimes shy about geeking out on gear. So the TC Helicon VoiceLive 2 is set up to be simple to use, even for a beginner. When you look down at the box, you'll see clearly-labeled footswitches for Delay, Reverb, Harmony, Doubling, Micro-Mod (think "thickening") -- all the most-wanted effects for a vocalist. Another switch is labeled FX, and you can use it to access a wide range of processors from a megaphone-simulator to the T-Pain effect.

Look left to find dedicated Up and Down switches that you can use to easily page through 205 editable, storable built-in presets with your foot. For each preset that you call up, a red ring will light up around the footswitch for each effect block as you turn them on. Now it's easy to thicken up your voice on a chorus or bridge section, or quickly engage a delay on the verses. The Shortcut and Step switches provide access to your user-defined presets -- so you can customize your vocal effects ahead of time for each section of each song in your setlist. Everything you need is laid out on the board's graceful sloped front.

Just Add Vocals -- The VoiceLive 2 Does the Rest Do more singing and less knob-tweaking with the VoiceLive 2's automated parameter settings. Just sing, and Auto Mic Gain will automatically set a level. The Auto Gate shuts when you're not singing to reduce feedback. Adaptive Tone engages a studio-quality EQ, compressor and de-esser that adjusts depending on your singing style. And automatic ducking reduces reverb and delay during your vocal lines to prevent muddiness, and automatically increases level after your last syllable for a big finish. It's like a studio engineer is inside this box!

Speaking of engineers, the VoiceLive 2 has a "Line to Mic" setting that steps down the line-level output of the VoiceLive 2 to the mic-level output that live sound engineers expect from a vocalist. You can easily plug the VoiceLive 2 in to a snake onstage and give your sound engineer the mic-level signal that they're expecting -- just like a DI box for your voice.

NaturalPlay Harmonies Back You Up Is your bassist not quite cutting it as a backup vocalist? The VoiceLive 2 can generate smart harmonies by "listening" to your voice. Plug in your guitar to the VoiceLive 2 to hear it generate 4 harmony voices based on the chords you're playing. With a MIDI keyboard plugged in, the VoiceLive 2 can generate up to 8 discrete voices. There's also the Choir algorithm, which doubles four voices of harmony to create an incredibly full and rich choir effect, perfect for everything from those Queen covers, to a gospel group led by you.

You can pass a guitar signal through the VoiceLive 2 transparently into your regular guitar pedalboard or DI box -- or take advantage of the guitar effects on board the VoiceLive 2. And if you're strictly a singer, not an axe-slinger, plug in your MP3 player with karaoke-style backing tracks to the VoiceLive 2's 1/8-inch aux input to hear it generate harmony voices based on the chords of the backing track as it goes by. Each of 15 harmony styles (such as 2 voices above, 1 above and 2 below, and so on) are fully editable -- you can change the gender of your harmony voices, "humanize" them with subtle time and pitch variations, adjust vibrato, and much more.

Live Sampling and Beyond The VoiceLive 2 has a built-in looper that lets you sample up to 30 seconds mono (15 seconds stereo) so you can sing over looped vocal or guitar inputs, with your effects of choice applied. The live sampling possibilities are endless: record a tambourine or handclaps into your vocal mic, or try running a trumpet or flute through a mic into the VoiceLive 2 and see how its reverb can sweeten your horn sound.

As a vocalist, your instrument is priceless and one-of-a-kind. Why trust your live vocal sound to whatever cheesy reverbs the venue happens to have on hand? Deliver a stunning live vocal performance every time, with the TC Helicon VoiceLive 2 pedal. But watch out: with all this sound-shaping power under your feet, your band's lead guitarist just might get envious.

TC Helicon VoiceLive 2 Features - Built to play live, wit bright LCD and well-spaced buttons
- 8 stompbox-style footswitches for individually-accessible effect blocks
- 205 on-board presets and 250 preset slots for custom presets
- Save up to 50 steps within each custom preset
- Reverb, delay, micro-mod, harmony, doubling, and more
- Special FX from "telephone" to Hard-Tune
- Automatic mic gain, gate, compression, EQ, de-esser, and reverb/delay ducking
- Generate up to 8 harmony voices from your guitar, MIDI keyboard or voice alone
- Rhythmic effect lets you "freeze" and repeat phrases
- VLOOP looper lets you live-sample your voice and guitar
- Wizard button to help you find the right preset
- USB I/O for software updates, backing up settings, and streaming audio
- 1/4" guitar input, MIDI I/O, and stereo 1/8" input for your MP3 player
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