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Zynaptiq Unveil Real-time Signal Focusing Plug-in (Download) Price

Zynaptiq Unveil Real-time Signal Focusing Plug-in (Download)

Zynaptiq Plugins
The Zynaptiq Unveil Real-time Signal Focusing Plug-in (Download) includes free shipping at the best price of AED 1,410. Serviced regions include Dubai , Abu Dhabi , Qatar , Bahrain , Oman and Saudi Arabia.
AED 1,410
Product Description

Keep reverb in check with the Zynaptiq Unveil plug-in. This brilliantly simple-to-use utility plug-in provides you with the kind of intelligent processing that defies conventional wisdom. Without being any kind of power user, Unveil lets you take a standard piece of audio and turn down (or totally eliminate) the reverb. It's that simple. Need to clean up your drums? Done. How about reducing the room sound in your dialog? No problem. But this same technology offers you some other remarkable possibilities too, allowing you to naturally enhance any recording or tighten up transients. However you use it, you'll love control you'll get with Zynaptiq Unveil.

Zynaptiq Unveil Signal Focusing Plug-in at a Glance
  • Get rid of the reverb you don't want
  • Boost up the reverb you already have
  • Focus your sound for punchier transients
Get rid of the reverb you don't want

Zynaptiq Unveil was made to strip out excess reverb, allowing you to easily and efficiently clear up tracks that are simply too wet to sit right in your mix. The effect is absolutely breathtaking, and the first time you use Unveil to turn down the reverb, you simply won't believe your ears when you don't hear the artifacts you're expecting to find. Not only does Unveil tighten up natural room reverb your mics picked up, it'll just as easily strip out extreme digital reverb accidentally committed to tape, saving your hours of editing and mixing work.

Boost up the reverb you already have

Since Zynaptiq designed Unveil to cleverly isolate reverb in order to remove it, it stands to reason that you could use the same technology to boost the natural reverb already captured in your recordings. Luckily, Zynaptiq realized that too, so they included that function in Unveil too. That means you can run tracks such as close-miked drums through Unveil and bring out the room reverb that would normally be too quiet to hear.

Focus your sound for punchier transients

Reverb is only one of the things Zynaptiq Unveil can alter. In fact, there are plenty of other sonic elements that can muddy up your mix. That's okay, Unveil can handle these too. When you start tweaking Unveils comprehensive yet easy to use controls, all of that mud and grit just disappear. Of course, that also means you can boost those same grungy characteristics to add an extra dose of sonic rudeness to your otherwise too clean tracks.

Zynaptiq Unveil Signal Focusing Plug-in Features
  • An awesome way to remove reverb from your tracks to clear up your mix
  • Perfect for musical elements of for controlling the ambience in dialog and sound effects
  • Reverse the effect to boost natural room sound in recording that are too dry
  • Also great for removing or boosting ambience in sound effects, or dirtying up too clean tracks
  • Compatible with AAX Native, VST, AU, and RTAS host programs

Take control of your ambience with Zynaptiq Unveil!

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